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At the age of 25, a wonderful accident occurred where my life completely changed. Three years later, I’ve been to over 20 countries, made a ton of friends from all over the world, and fought in 2 World Championships. After a ton of procrastination, I’ve decided to tell my story with the hopes of inspiring and possibly changing the lives of others.

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Giants Causeway
Glen Coe
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I hate fixed plans – I’m an easy-going traveler

When it comes to travel, I like to keep things open to planning. Once I get into a country, I find it’s really easy to just take a bus, ferry, or train to my next destination. I’ve fallen for the trap many times where I fall in love with a place and end up extending my stay.

Living out of my backpack

Over the years, I’ve learned methods such as rolling my clothes, living out of a backpack, and even using it as my bed. It’s not a glamourous travel style, but I’m still happy at the end of it.

Why I started this blog?

I began this blog in the middle of COVID and wasn’t really sure if some of my travel methods would still hold true. Many experiences I had traveling pre-pandemic are completely different today so some insights I provide will vary differently today. But what inspired me to start this blog was an experience I had with a travel blogger in 2018. They were typing up a blog on a destination I was intrigued by, so I asked them about it. They had absolutely no clue, they were being paid to write a fabricated experience to attract tourism to a certain place. And so, I wanted to give the world my genuine experience while traveling. 

Wholesome Face of Jon Dinh
Jonathan Dinh

Blogger / Nomad Traveler / North Carolina

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A trip to the Cyclades – Post Lockdown 2022

My first trip outside of the country since COVID, I decided to revisit the Cyclades with my good friend Chris. We began our journey with a day in Athens…

Journey to Denny’s

Adventure to IHOP

Escape from Alabama

Ikea Meatballs