About Us

Like My Style? Follow my blog and learn from my experiences around the world.

Memorable Places

I hate tourist-filled places, I’d prefer to try and speak a native language rather than my own.  I like to travel off the beaten path.

Amazing People

Most times I am a social butterfly and like to stay in hostels, but some places I’ve found don’t have amazing hostels and I’ll fill you in on where you can skip the hostel and get some alone time!

Save Money

I like to save money when it comes to traveling so I can experience more places. Learn how you can save money and stress from my travels.

Nature and Desserts Lover

I love nature, I love seeing the awe-inspiring sights that this Earth provides. I love good food, I’m lactose intolerant but man do I love a good ice cream cone or Gelato. 

Who am I?

Avery and Jon
Jon Dinh

World Traveler, Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt, Fun Guy, Super Nerd.


Our Mission & Vision

I want to save you money

I grew up poor and I didn’t get the luxury of traveling around as a kid. So when the Bitcoin I had amounted to something in 2018, I sold it and traveled the world. I still have money penny-pinching tendencies, but I’ve learned when it is and isn’t worth spending those extra dollars. The more money you save, the more you get to travel is how I see it!

I want to inspire you to travel

In 2016, in LA after achieving 5th in the World Championships for my division, I remember sitting down afterward and just feeling empty inside. I decided to partake in the group activities in the hostel I was staying in and met tons of people from around the world. I ended up exploring LA with those friends and the experience opened my eyes to traveling and how much I enjoyed people.

I want you to have the time of your life

My best times in life come from travel. I want others to experience the same things I have without some of the unnecessary obstacles I faced along the way.

I want you to experience the self-growth I have

A lot of my character growth has come from traveling, I hope from reading my blog, that you can learn and grow in your own ways from my experiences.